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Knowledge for International Trading

Knowledge for International Trading
Nowadays, international import export is apparently so important because it is part of the logistic process. The government is supporting the development of logistic process in the country. It is for the people to effectively manage the process of importing and exporting goods. Moreover, it is also a way to support the potential of competition in the international trading field. Services, which the international Cargo manager would offer a type of service to the product owner begins with the arranging cargo route and including all the common factors such as book the ship for the product owner, operating the process through the custom department; or even providing the packaging services including the complete operation of transportation and product delivery to all places.

Good Characteristics of a transport.
Transportation is an essential aspect of human lifestyle and business management, therefore, for an effective transportation, it must possess with the following attributes:
1. High safety. Good transportation must consist with strong security system in order to protect the products from getting lost or damaged
2. Fast & On time. Be on time according to the customer's need is the key. Some products might have some limitation in terms of times; such as: fruit, flowers, living things, etc. If happens with the delay transportation, all these goods could be damaged and eventually affect the product owner.
3. Save money. Invest money for the transporting goods is a main factor for the brassiness., therefore, business owner or the investor must be selective with the transportation companies that consists with reasonable price with good services.
4. Good facility. Bossiness person would select the transporting method that include with good transportation & good facility the for a better flow in brassiness process. Factors for determination of choosing transportation
• Products (solid, liquid, value) physically.
• Market location and distance (Transportation route)
• Speed (freight cost)
• Freight Rate
• Dependability

International Transportation Procedure
1. By shipping, suitable for large quantity each time, which include long distance, low cost, good managing but no rush. The products such as; ingredient, and machines. Nowadays, most likely to use container shipping system as a main transportation.
2. By Airplane, suitable for express products that consists with small quantity, but high cost such as; machinery tools, fashion products. This way of shipping could fulfilled the needs of the customers.
3. By Truck, suitable for transporting goods to the neighbor countries, short distance, easy process, and fast delivery. The products in terms of consuming products will be transporting to neighbor countries such as China, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Malaysia.
4. By Train, suitable for transporting goods to the neighbor countries, short distance, with low cost. For example, The transportation lines of Padang Besar, Malaysia by having the transit train lines of Bangkok - Hat Yai - Padang Besar - Malaysia. Then connect to Singapore by international Train systems. This type of transportation most likely used with heavy products.
5. By tube, suitable for transporting goods such as oil and gas, to the neighbor countries.
6. By Mailing, suitable for sample products, convenient with low cost.

Criteria for the services of the International Cargo.
International Cargo business is possible because the exporters and the importers do not wish to proceed in terms of issuance of goods, delivery, and contacts about import and export documents because they want to focus on spending their time in producing products, and the trading which they have more expertise. For these reason, this job was assigned to the international shipping instead. The recipient of the international cargo service has the opportunity to provide services for both exporters and importers with services transactions which can be discussed in detail as follow.

1. Providing services to the shipper (exporters) international handling service provider can provide the following services:
• Choose the route as well as the transportation type. And reliable carriers to exporters
• Book a ship for exporters.
• send goods and issue relevant documents such as Forwarders' Certificate of Receipt and Forwarders' Certificate of Transport etc.
• Book the warehouse for use in the storage of goods. (if necessary).
• Measuring and weighing products.
• Delivery goods to the port and arrange customs clearance. As well as carrying out various documents for the exporters then sends the goods to the ship.

2. The service provided to the recipient of the product (importer) the recipient of the international cargo handling service, can conduct the service transaction under the advice received from the recipient of the product as follow:
• Track products instead of recipients when the recipient of the products is responsible for carrying goods.
• Receive and check documents related to delivery.
• Receive products from the shippers and pay the freight charges.
• Perform customs clearance and the officials for paying taxes and fees.
• Delivery of goods that are checked from the customs clearance.
• Helping the recipient with their goods for storing in the warehouse.

The services of the Import-Export company are ready to provide transportation services for both import and export goods. Including product services in other international trade documents such as product insurance management, Certificate of Origin, and packaging.

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