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How to Export products to China

How to Export products to China
> What will we sell?
There are two cases of the business owner, one with the selling products and the one without. For the one without products, and just started the business, who not sure how to exports to China in hand products to China and which way could leads to success.
Right here, we have some recommendation. Consumable and consumer products that have been used up will be highly recommended, because China has a very high demand in this area, ranging from food, fruit, dry food, snacks, cosmetics, furniture, household appliances, etc.

> Registration a company in China
In fact, this step is not too difficult, because the Chinese authorities in each county are quite supportive of foreign investment. The registration of the company has some techniques, such as requesting to set up a company in an industrial area outside of the city, which will help with some benefits such as; requesting a tax saving, and then entering a branch office into the downtown area.

> Distribution channels
Finding distribution channels is an important part of every business. In China and Thailand, there are many agents to choose for the services, but there are precautions for reliability which one must be checked thoroughly. We can find information through the Internet in another way.

In addition to the agent. Online sales is an important channel. Especially, if we focus on retailing products or pursue the Chinese tourists, because they can easily order various products through WeChatpay or via TaoBao

> Procedure for importing permission
It is delicate and must be well checked because some imported products have the quota limit. Although at the latest, the Chinese authorities have reduced the restrictions on additional imported products, then enforced in 2018, but some products still have quota restrictions anyway.

There is a suggestion: start from requesting permission for product labels, which will need to be translated into English. Then we have to bring the product sample with the labels indicating the production date, expiration date, and components, in order to apply for product certification that is the same as the Thai food and drug certification (FDA). This process will take about 1-3 months. Then bring the label certificate to apply for importing at the Customs House. Then the final step will be to pass the product through the security check. When finished, those products will be allowed to sell.

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