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Knowledge about shipping by sea

Knowledge about shipping by sea
Shipping by Sea
Shipping by Sea is an important part of International trade system, both past and present because it is the only type of transport that can carry a lot of products at a time. And the shipping price are cheaper than other forms of transportations.

Transportation of both import and export goods in Thailand is mostly by sea transportation. Sea shipping then become a factor that influences trade competitiveness in the global market.

Therefore, those who are involved in the import and export of goods should study and understand the various elements that engage with shipping by sea process. The important things about sea shipping as follows:

Those who are involved in the transportation by sea such as:

- Ship Owner
- Ship Charterer
- Shipping Agent & Freight Forwarder
- Shipper or Exporter
- Consignee
- Notify Party

Shipping service providers include:
1. Ship company or shipping agent
2. Sea Freight Forwarder

The roles and duties of sea freight service providers are as follows:
A. Ship Agent

The shipping agent is the authorized person from the ship owner to be an operator on behalf of the ship owner. Since the source port and the destination port. The shipping agent has the following general duties such as:

• Providing freight for importers and exporters
• Issue the bill of lading to the exporter
• Issue product release orders for the importers
• Sea freight

Ship transportation has been widely popular. Because the cost is cheap and suitable for large or extra-large products, but the limitation is time. Many customers are affected by the delay problem. Normally, every ship has an exact shipping schedule, but sometimes it may change. Due to the weather, too tight products during the season or others that are beyond control. Shippers should carefully plan the times, and the necessity of using the products.

Type of services
LCL is partial shipment. In the case that the sender has a small amount of goods, freight charges are US Dollar per CBM (cubic meters).
• FCL is a full container type which products belong to only one sender. FREIGHT charge is USD / CONT. Cabinet size is divided into 20 FT STD, 40 FT STD, 40 FT HQ.
• FRRFER is a container that is contains with refrigeration. Used to store food and products that require temperature control.

The Importance of shipping by sea
• Causing continuous business such as Freight Forwarder Agent
• Customs Broker
• Multi-model Transport
• Logistics Service

Ship transportation system consists of:
• Shipping from one port to another port
• Activities on related ports
• loading and unloading goods from the sea vessels
• Sorting and packing products
• Moving goods
• Products storage
• Linked transport for moving products from the port to the recipient of the product or vice versa
• Related businesses
• Shipyard business
• Inland Container Depot,ICD
• Freight Forwarder Agent
• Customs Broker
• Multimodal Transport
• Logistics Service

Ship transportation service model:
• Liner Service : with the exact route of the maritime route. There is a certain freight charge.
• Tramp Service : Depending on the employer according with the agreement between the employer and the contractor

Vessel Types
• Bulk Carrier
• Break-Bulk Vessels
• Container Vessels
• RO-RO cargo ship using a cargo litter system carry products from the boat. May be a container, a machine, or a car.

Container systems. This type of transportation is a development of marine transportation that has been developed from the past. Due to the necessity of product conditions and transportation costs. There are some advantages such as: convenient for lifting or moving products.
• From boat to shore
• Within the port
• From the port to the recipient of goods
• Use a multimodal transport system such as: car to train / train to boat / boat to car.
• Saving labor costs

Types of Containers

• Standard size, width 8 feet, height 8 feet 6 inches.
• 20 feet long (short cabinet ) and 40 feet long cabinet with a length of 45 feet (only for some ship).
• A mobile refrigerator with insulation or having a thermal system.
• Special Container
• Designed for use with products that have special characteristics strange from normal, such as filling gases, liquids, opening roofs or opening sides.
• Container service

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