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Knowing the FORM E document help reducing tax from importing Chinese goods.

Knowing the FORM E document help reducing tax from importing Chinese goods.
Knowing the FORM E document help reducing tax from importing Chinese goods.

For those who are looking for a way to import products from China, another important document to get to know is FORM E. This document is considered a document showing the origin of products between China and ASEAN countries. It is a document confirming various raw materials including specifying whether they are manufactured from China or other ASEAN countries.

Although most of importers know Form E document very well, but don't forget that sometimes importing products can cause problems. Therefore, importers should understand more in details:

The Shipper name and Consignee specified in FORM E must be the same as Bill of Lading.

Shipper is the seller. Consignee is the buyer. All letters must be correctly specified. One mistake will cause inoperable document.

Always put Shipping Mark on the document.
If you do not want to clarify the reason or do not want to put a guarantee, which is to pay all import tax in advance for every baht. After that, the matter will be brought to the relevant department. Every time you have to put a Shipping Mark on the documents; Otherwise you may have to pay full tax.

HS.Code or tax rate coordinates must always be checked from Shipping.
Before importing any kind of products from China, it is always better to check the tax rate by the Shipping first before exporting the goods. Suggest that you have to ask to Draft FORM E from the seller every time for checking before releasing the documents.

Commercial Invoice. Both the date and number must be the same as those written in FORM E.
Those who have imported will see that Channel 10 of the FORM E has a box to write the date and number of Commercial Invoice. Here, one needs be sure before writing. If something goes wrong, it has to be fixed in one place and it is very complicated.

The package amount, price specified in the invoice and packing list must be the same as used in FORM E.
All products specified in the invoice and packing must be specified in FORM E with the exact same amount and price. For products that do not use this form, it is not necessary to address. Do not forget to separate the list of goods, even if they have the same import tax rate.

The only way that items can be combined is the same price, same product type, may differ slightly in appearance, such as color, size, but must verify that it is actually the same product.

All of this is a simple story about the FORM E document that people who import products from China to Thailand need to know. The main reason is to help you get a good import tax discount than having to pay the full tax. It is quite tricky to be able to fix the wrong process. No one would want to be confused with these documents and will definitely have to spend a lot of money.

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