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8 easy steps to pre-order products from China that even beginners can do it!

8 easy steps to pre-order products from China that even beginners can do it!

In a world today, where everything becomes so easy at your fingertips. Pre-orders for cost effective products from China are also available. Currently, ordering from China is not difficult anymore. We can only use a shipping website to easily Pre-order products from China without struggling with language barriers, taxes or complicated importing procedures.
For those who still don't know how to start ordering or pre-ordering products from China. Today, we have a few simple instructions and steps that all beginners can do.

1. Register a shipping website to use the pre-order service from China.
First of all, begin to sign up for membership with the shipping website or the website that offers the pre-order service from China. In order for the web shipping to be an agent to order products and be the one to process the import procedures until delivery on your behalf.

2. Select the product and place the link on that website
After signing up for the membership of the preferred shipping website. When you desire to order products from China, you can go to the website right away. Whether on the Aliexpress website, Taobao, or other cheap Chinese websites that the shipping company can order on your behalf. Copy the desired product link to the menu bar of the website. (This part, design or system of each website may be different. But most of this menu bar will clearly indicate that it is a box that can put the product link) then select the color and quantity then finally click to order as usual.

3. Wait for the order confirmation from the website
After ordering products from China and click to confirm the order. Then wait on the shipping website to check our orders first. Checking an order is a process by which the shipping website will check the stock of that product with the store whether the product is still available or not, or if it is a prohibited item that the shipping website has a condition to order or not.

4. Pay for the product
After the website has finished checking the order, it will summarize the amount that we have to pay. The 1st round consists of the goods and transportation costs from the shop to the warehouse in China. The price we have to pay is based on the current RMB rate. And the shipping cost from China to Thailand is also has a service charge including the import tax.

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5. Wait and wait…
This step is nothing much. Just have to patiently wait for the products. When the web shipping receives our payment amount, the web will automatically make the order as we want. After that, just wait for the Chinese stores to deliver the goods to our shipping website, which is a warehouse located in China especially.

6.China warehouse pick up Ready to send back to Thailand
After the warehouse in China has received our products. The staff will check and Re Package, or re-pack the products for us then send to Thailand. Most of the time will consist with 2 types of delivery methods: delivery from China to Thailand by car or by ship. By car transportation will take less time. Sending by ship will take longer but it is also cheaper.

7. Thai warehouse pick up goods, then estimate shipping cost
Once the warehouse in Thailand has received the items, the staff will re-evaluate the cost of shipping to Thailand based on the shipping method we selected, such as the wholesale price of EMS or other private companies such as Kerry or SCG.

8. Deliver goods to us.
When the shipping website has finished evaluating shipping costs in Thailand, it's time for us to pay the delivery fees. After we pay the delivery costs, shipping company will deliver the item to us. Delivered directly to your home according to the method of transportation we selected.

Pre-ordering products from China is not difficult if we know the best channels that help facilitate us in every steps such as using the shipping website. From now on, every online merchants are able to order cheap products from China without any difficulties.

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